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Carnegie Hall.jpg

Conducting at Carnegie Hall

- by Melissa Baum


Photos by Jerry Taylor, Barbara Willians, Stefan Antwarg and Tracey Grumbach


In November 2000, Bair was bestowed the Paderewski Award for Contributions to Society and Culture at the Polish Embassy in Washington D.C. Bair participated in the Sixth Malcolm Arnold Festival in Northampton, UK, in the fall of 2011 by introducing Arnold’s 9th Symphony at the final Gala Concert.

Baltimore Sun
August 19, 2022

Maestro Bair is featured in Skip Prichard's book (although not by name). Bair is the teacher in Chapter 7.

Sussex World
November 17, 2022

The great English composer Sir Malcolm Arnold's visit to the Susquehanna Symphony takes an entire chapter in Anthony Meredith's biography.

"Sheldon has built the SSO into a powerhouse, simply the best all-volunteer orchestra I have heard.  They play with cohesion and passion; their Schubert Ninth was a revelation." - Kile Smith, Composer

"Thanks so much for the recording of the 2nd, Sheldon.  What a fresh, wonderful performance you gave it.  It brought out all kinds of new, interesting things and was really persuasive.  I wish I had been there!" - Anthony Meredith, biographer of composer Sir Malcom Arnold regarding Arnold's 2nd Symphony with the University of Delaware.

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