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The Maestro

- by Dr. Andrew Nowakowski

Photos by Jerry Taylor, Barbara Willians, Stefan Antwarg and Rachel Lane

Educator - Adjudicator - Clinician

In June 2016, Maestro Bair retired from Harford County Public Schools after 40 years of music making with young musicians. Bair was inducted into the Harford County Public Schools Educator Hall of Fame in September 2018. Sheldon Bair is an adjunct faculty member for Harford Community College and is often invited to conduct and adjudicate youth orchestras and soloists. In addition, Bair has acted as a consultant to school orchestra programs.

"When I was still teaching, I brought a middle school orchestra to Hershey Park in 2018 and you were one of four judges.  My students who were there that day had performed in five festivals before that day since starting sixth grade, including the National Orchestra Festival in Atlanta that year at ASTA.  They thought your feedback was the absolute best feedback they'd ever received ... in fact many said that they wished they had performed for you before we went to Atlanta.  Long story short, thank you for being such a great educator and adjudicator!" - Shawn Roberts, Festival Director at Music in the Parks

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